HullCraft goes live

After many months of sweat, toil and pringles, the HullCraft server is ready for you to test out.

To get access to the server, launch Minecraft and in the Multiplayer options “add server”. Copy and paste our server IP address in to the box and then save.

You will be transported to the Hull History Centre where you are free to look around. There are two worlds on the server, HullCraft and Plotworld.


If you want to build, you need to find the green portal to “PlotWorld”. We have put some basic instructions on the blue wall in this world.

A full list of commands for PlotMe is available from here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/plotme/pages/commands/

There are loads of plots on this world that you can claim to build on. If you build one of our Francis Johnson buildings from the plans we have on the website, you can claim a badge and points.

If your build is REALLY good, we will copy and paste it into Hullcraft world and post pictures on the website!! Fame awaits!

So what are you waiting for….? Go Build some great stuff in PlotWorld and tell us about it!!

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4 Responses to Server goes LIVE

  1. Archie Piatt says:

    ~Mr Miles If You See This, I Put Somthing In Spawn, I can Get Rid Of It If U Want, But I Think It Lookes Better.
    -Archie Epic

  2. Archie Piatt says:

    ~Mr Miles If You read This, Can I Be Op?
    – Archie Epic

    • Joel says:

      Its early days yet to create OPs and other roles. Once we get the permissions sorted and more under control we will look at upgrading people… Keep working though!

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