Minecraft at i55

This weekend was one of the biggest in the gaming calendar. It was the summer Insomnia event hosted by Multiplay at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. i55 proved to be the biggest and best yet with over 35,000 people through the doors over the duration of the weekend.

Gamers of all types, ages and backgrounds were there to play, see and experience the latest video, board and roleplaying games. The University of Hull and @iLearningUK were invited along to share a space in the Minecraft tent alongside the @immersivemind team in the Minecraft in Education Section.

Minecraft in Higher EducationJoel (aka @iLearningUK), took the opportunity to showcase HullCraft alongside his other Higher Education projects and had a PC running the live server there giving parents, teachers and kids the chance to see how Minecraft can be used in an educational and engagement project.

There was much interest from the parents and teachers in how Minecraft could be used educationally and it was helpful to be part of the #ImmersiveCommunity who were showcasing other educational maps for a younger audience.

Parents were keen to see how HullCraft used the archive material as ‘real world’ problems and I was able to discuss the pedagogy behind the methodology. The parents were given a better understanding of the game and several of them joined in with builds and ‘play’. There were quite a few new players to Minecraft, and some who were experienced on consoles and tablets, but were new to Minecraft on the PC.

HullCraft and MoleChemMoleChem was also showcased alongside HullCraft as an example of how Minecraft is being used in Higher Education at the University of Hull. This project is being run by Dr Mark Lorch, @Sci_ents, in the Chemistry Department with @iLearningUK and is all about identifying Protein Molecules and their structure. 3rd year undergraduate Chemistry students took the project on in their final year module to evidence their understanding in the topic. They set up a quiz in the map, to test the knowledge learned through investigating each molecule. It is planned that the first year students will then complete this map as a part of their learning in the module.

i55 Builds

The builds that were completed on the second day of i55 can be seen below and in the Gallery. Credit is given to the builders where it is known.

Look forward to seeing more HullCrafters at the next Insomnia!


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